How To Repair Electric Kettle At Home

Electric Kettle Repair

Electrical Kettle is the basic kitchen aid Accessories. Sometimes u want to make tea and suddenly you know that your KitchenAid electric kettle is not working then don’t worry. Here I will tell you some simple step to repair your electric kettle at home.

let me first explain about the base of electric kettle. The Electric Kettle consist of 2 main components one is base and second is kettle jar. Base has a circular shape and with the one up is positive and one is negative. So when this is connected to the power point and we placed the receiver positive and negative ends. It will worm the liquid inside steal body. It’s a decent machine. When your water gets heat it will automatically switch off.

Now I’m going to tell you how what goes wrong basically in these kinds of Kettle and how you can repair it at home. Here is a similar kind of tea kettle.

Repair Electric Kettle

I just opened this back to show you what it’s inside and how you can repair.

Repair Electric Kettle

So here you have what it contains inside. You can see the heating element, led indicator, which is the actual main component of the electric kettle.  Electric heater controls the temperature and once the temperature rises high and heated up fully there is a control to disconnect the power supply and the heating will stop. So there is no damage to the heater. Disconnect the wire and open the thermostat if its not heating the water or not automatically stop after heating.

Replace your Electric Kettle Thermostat with a new one. Because 90 percent problem occurs when your thermostat does not work properly.

And 10 percent chance is your heating Element getting wrong. When you go to buy a new thermostat you need to make sure that you are getting the right kind of thermostat. Which can fit into your electric kettle head. Because there are many types of a thermostat in the market some are in round and some are in square shape. You need to make sure that you have got the right one when you are trying to repair or replace your electric kettle.