How Electric Iron Works And Whats Inside The Electric Iron

electric iron works

The electric iron is the most common thing in everyone life. But we don’t know how electric iron works. Now first we will open and check what is inside the electric iron and how it works.

There are only a few things that increase iron temperature. The first thing is the heating element.

It is the heart of any electric iron. Inside of it is the nichrome wire and the outside cover is made of mica shield. Mica is chosen because it is a very good insulator and can stand very high temperature. The reason why this iron called automatic is because of this thermostat. whose function is to keep the heat constant.

It uses a bimetallic strip. Which is made up of two different metals having a different coefficient of expansion.

This strip here is one of them and has a high coefficient of expansion. That means when the temperature rises it bends upwards. A Nob is connected to the screw with is located on the thermostat.

The screws control how hot the contact and also disconnect the electric current when needed also we can say temperature required to break the electric connection

This means if I keep turning this screw then thermostat rise the temperature of the coil and break the connection. We know when electric connection turns off the light and will not work anymore or this does not heat anyone. There is two main wire one is red (positive) and second is Black(neutral). in some iron The earth wire is not present. But it is connected to the body of the inside.

Connection and Working

The phase wire connected the heating element and at the end of heating element the element connects to Bimetallic strip (the strip that which breaks at a certain level of temperature) from here it goes back to the neutral wire.

The LED bulb connected parallel in connection. When we turn on the electric supply after some time the strip that is located in the middle of the heating coil will start bend upwards because of high temperature and give the signal to bimetallic to break the connection. This is the short working procedure of electric iron and electric kettle now u can own repair your electric iron and electric kettle at home without asking from someone.