Vacuum Repair At Home with Few Easy Steps (DIY)

Vacuum Repair At home
Vacuum Repair At home

You can see many different types and shapes of vacuum in the market or in your neighbor and many other paces. Thousand of companies designed and manufacture vacuum cleaner in different shapes and specifications. But the working principle of all the vacuum cleaner is the same. And people select vacuum cleaner according to vacuum specification or suctioning power.

Here we will discuss some tips and troubleshot to repair vacuum cleaner by yourself.

The first thing when you buy a vacuum cleaner by yourself must read the instructions menu. So you can aware of every part of the vacuum cleaner.  Also, filter cleaning and changing methods. Because in some vacuum there are two vacuum filters and in some, there are three vacuum filters.

Vacuum Repair Tips and Some Common Symptoms

  • Sudden shut off during use
  • Won’t turn on
  • Stop suctioning
  • Brush roll not working

Sudden shut off can happen. If there is damaged vacuum housing or clogged motor and air filters. And sometimes due to low or bad quality suction motor.

Sometime the vacuum cleaner won’t turn on because of a leak of electric power or bad power cords and wiring failure. That also case motor failure.

Some people just see a low price vacuum cleaner and buy. But after that, they think they just waste money. Because low-quality vacuum didn’t suction well due to low-quality motor or small vacuum bag with full of dust and fully dirty exhaust filter. And also a leak of vacuum housing.

If Brush roll is not working then first check your motor belt is broken or the vacuum brush is damaged. If the brush is damaged then the motor will be overloaded due to resistance and can also make a failure of wiring.

Vacuum Repair Tips

  • Replace vacuum beater bar
  • Change vacuum suction motor if the belt is not broken
  • Replace vacuum powerhead cogged Drive belt
  • Changed powerhead ribbed side belt
  • Clean every filter before using

vacuum beater bar Replacement

Dirt in carpet fibers clean when the beater bar rotates in the powerhead. If the beater bar is damaged or brush bristles are worn, then the powerhead can’t clean deeply. Then you have to replace the vacuum beater bar with a new one.

Vacuum Repair

 Step To Replace Beater Bar 

  • Remove the power brush assembly cover
  • open All the cover screws and then cover
  • Remove the brush roller cover.
  • Replace the brush roll with a new one
  • Now Reinstall the brush roll cover and power brush assembly cover

Replace Vacuum Suction Motor

The suction motor install in canister base, when we turn the Motor fan on that creates the vacuum’s suction. And if the motor stops working then also vacuum suction stopped working. And if the vacuum is not suctioning. Then clean then clogs from the hose. And if the motor does not work then replace the motor with a new motor.

vacuum repair

Step To Replace Suction Motor.

  • Remove the exhaust filter.
  • Remove the canopy hood.
  • Remove all the motor cover screws.
  • Pull out the motor.
  • Disconnect the motor wires.
  • Install the new motor
  • Reinstall the motor cover and wire
  • Reinstall the exhaust filter

Replace Vacuum Power Head and Cogged Drive Belt

You can easily replace the beater bar cogged drive bet during vacuum repair in easy and few steps. We change the cogged drive belt. When the powerhead drive motor starts and the cogged belt is worn or breaks.

Step To Replace Cogged Drive Belt

  • Remove the wand assembly
  • Remove the light cover.
  • Remove the power brush cover
  • Release the locking tab.
  • Remove the brush cover.
  • Remove the belt.
  • Install the new drive belt
  • Reinstall the cover and the bulb wand assembly