Steam Boiler Maintenance Checklist & Tips

Maintenance and operation of the boiler will maintain the reliability and help to increase the life of the boiler and also help to increase the energy and efficiency. Here are some steam boiler maintenance checklist and Tips.  which will help to keep a few dollars in your pocket

General Steam Boiler Maintenance

One of the main thing and the leading cause is overheating of the boiler. This can be due to couple key factor

  • Low water condition
  • Scale
  • Corrosion

This is some leading cause of losing with a steam boiler. But We have some few ways to prevent those factors to

Low water condition

This is one of the leading causes of the accident, so any time if you face low water accident. yet have several things happen.

Steam Boiler Maintenance

First, you have a problem with feed water.  This can be due to the feed water pump or feed controllers.  so that can be the original source of the problem. but we have a safety on the boiler the low water feed cut out or designed to cut out the burner of the boiler before the water level gauge to the low specified area.

Steam Boiler Maintenance

if the water levels drop blew and it also drops below the tube surface now we have flame gone through the tubes. it can overheat the metal of the tube and we get things like the melting of the tubs just bad things to happen with the boiler when we get low water.

Scale build up

Scale happen just because of impurities that carried in the feed water.  As the steam plans operate there can be a lot of steam losses in the system.

To make-up for those steam loses. There is a tendency if the water chemistry is not capping right in the boiler for those impurities to plate out the internal surface of the boiler in the form of scale.

Steam Boiler Maintenance

that reduce the heat transfer from the fireside services to the waterside surface of the boiler. this impact the reliability of the Steam boiler life expectancy of the boiler and the energy efficiency of the boiler so if we can correct the water chemistry in the Steam boiler then we can make a big improvement. and the other key factor to maintain the water chemistry is to treating the incoming feed water. you can be treating the water by installing water softener this can prevent you to build scale in the boiler.


Corrosion is another thing that leads the steam losses in the boiler you can see orange bubble up marks as you remove the bubbles you see drowning down into the tube

Steam Boiler MaintenanceSteam Boiler Maintenance

as they drowning down into the tube they cause the leak from the waterside surface of the boiler to the fireside surface of the boiler. We see corrosion coming out of the tube if they leaked badly the only way to correct and get rid of this problem is.

Get rid the oxygen in the steam boiler are you will have to retube the boiler eventually.