Sewing Machine Repair The Common Issue That You Can Repair at Home

Swing Machine
Repair your Swing Machine at home

The most common issue that we face during swinging cloths. can be repaired easily, we can do a sewing machine repair at home by ourselves you don’t need to hire someone for a common issue.

So the first thing I like to point out is the spool

.Swing Machine Repair

you can see on the top of the machine some machine has more than a two-spool pin. In the spool pin, we really need to be using a spool felt. So the felt is going to give the spool a nice smooth surface.  Less resistance of snagging the thread as it pulls off the spool.

The second and the most major problem is when you stitch something your stitches did not look pretty. So the first thing you always going to want to have is a clean well-oiled machine. A fresh needle is always a good idea. So to make your thread look pretty the first thing you have is a black thread in the top and white thread in the bottom. So you actually know where the problem is. You can only know the problem is when you have a different thread and you know what thread is not behaving well.

Now start sewing and try to listen and feel machine motion. if everything sounds goods. If you are not hearing lumps clumps or thumps. At the end of sewing, you can check if you see a problem or hearing something bad in noise. if you hear something bad you need to Sewing Machine Repair

If you feel the noise. Then you have to check the presser foot down. So they threaded on top of disks. when we are threading and unthreading the machine we always have the presser foot down. In the up position, our tension disks are wide open so the thread falls into the tension disk. This you know because it’s the one that sounds like loose marbles inside your sewing. It’s frightening and it’s jammed up. Hopefully, none of you have seen this but I think we all know what that is.

Swing Machine Repair

The other tension is almost a feel kind of tension. Hopefully, none of you have seen this but I think we all know what that is. Feel kind of tension is the black thread was loose on the top or the white on the bottom.

So first thing swings with multiple colors of thread. so you can see which thread is too tight and which thread is loose. Once you determine if you are having that situation.


Now I want you to walk through the troubleshooting on how to make those adjustments and how to do Sewing Machine Repair easily.

The first thing is bobbins. I have to remind you we are just looking for baseline tension. Most bobbin tensions you won’t need to adjust. The dealerships may tell you shouldn’t drop the bobbin case came out of your standard machine.

Swing Machine Repair

This is the bobbins you find on the top of your sewing machine basically. The bobbin case if you look really close there is a spring right in there behind that different color paint that would have allowed us to turn that screw. So the manufacturer set this bobbin tension correctly. So am trying to says there is no need for the adjustment you can make in the standard drop-in the bobbin case. Some machines you can buy an adjustable bobbin case for drop-in. if you feel like your tension is running tight go to a lighter weight thread. And if you feel like your bobbin tension is running loose and a lot of tension is just because of using a fill bobbin.

There is also old-style bobbins that use in the old machines. The old-style bobbin has front load or side load locking bobbin.

Swing Machine Repair

This is a non-top loading style bobbin case. They are for the old-style machines. but some time manufacturer installs this old one into new style machine. So if you look at the old-style bobbin machine and we pull on the thread. As we pull on that thread I want to just see it going clockwise. So if it going clockwise the bobbin is in the bobbin case correctly. That means your bobbin is fine you don’t need to do anything.

The other way to check your bobbin is working correctly is to pull the thread. If the bobbin in not hanging while you are pulling the thread that means you don’t need to do anything. But if you bobbin hang then make a small adjustment. You can see two screws on the top of your bobbin don’t touch the small screw check the big one and turn of tautness to that spring. You can adjust as per your demand. When you adjust the bobbin correctly then the losing tension will automatically remove. and your machine works fine.

We will post some more common issue soon for Sewing Machine Repair at home.