How to Repair a Broken Toaster | Sandwich Maker |

How to Repair a Broken Toaster | Sandwich Maker |

Do you want to repair your toaster, sandwich maker or sandwich grill instead of buying a new one? then read this carefully. because these three things working on the same principal.

Repair a Broken Toaster or Sandwich Maker

First, check main power cable connecting to a toaster (sandwich maker). The main problem is when you push down your breakfast sandwich maker it doesn’t stay locked down. And that’s because it’s not getting any power. So if you can move your power cable. Usually, at the end try moving it. Or While you’re pushing that down. Also, you can move it where it’s attached to the toaster itself and when you’re moving your cord then you know that this is the problem. And if not then you’ve got to open it took the screws out on this one to yank out the knob so that that allows you to lift off the plastic cover.

And here’s usually where the problem is. You can look in the image. when you put this knob back and push this down. You have these two parts that are going along with it.

This one hits these contacts right in here.

And when that hits the contacts it allows the electricity to flow. And this piece of metal gets stuck to an electromagnet and it just gets turned the same link you see in the image.

Somewhere in your toaster, you’re going to have these contacts. You might just have one it might be a totally different design but you’re gonna see some metal that looks like this and someone’s going to come down and. Pushed those contexts together.

This one has two one on here and one on opposite side. It’s just pushing a piece of metal against another piece of metal. And where you want to look is right where they connect these often can get oxidized and crusty and dirty and so it won’t allow for the electricity to flow. So all you need to do is find tools like contact cleaner or like a little emery board. Sand down both sides of the contact you can use anything. Or you can use a screwdriver to scrape it. See if it can get there just scrape it clean so it’s shiny and you don’t need to remove a lot of material but just make it a little bit cleaner that way when this comes down the electricity can flow and it will create magnetism on the other side which holds this whole thing down again.

That’s usually the problem. I hope this blog has been helpful to you. And if you want to read more stuff like how to repair home appliance then you guys can visit home appliance category or ask anything.