How To Find What is Inside Area 51

We are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the Area 51 mystery. And if you happen to be someone who wants to storm Area 51 in search of truth, we’ve got a plan for you at the end of this very article.

A Facebook event page called for everyone to storm Area 51 on 20 September to unveil the truth about that place. To everyone’s surprise, almost 1.9 million People marked themselves ‘going’ on the event page and 1.4 million others showed interest in it.

So what is this Area 51? And why is everyone so interested in it?

Well, Area 51 is the top-secret and highly classified United States Air Force facility located within the Nevada desert. There have been many conspiracy theories about what happens inside Area 51. The most popular of all is that there are aliens kept inside it.

According to an aerospace historian and author Peter Merlin who has been researching the Area 51 for past three decades now, “The forbidden aspect of Area 51 is what makes people want to know what’s there,” He also added, “and there sure is still a lot going on there.”

Only a few know what’s exactly inside the U.S.’s top-secret military base. We can only guess that it might be some new technology, advanced energy weapons, latest aerial machines or some crazy doctors experimenting on alien bodies.

The Alien Mystery

In 1954, the secret development of a high-altitude aircraft called the U-2 program was approved in the U.S. and then they had to find a secret remote location for its testing. That is when they found Area 51.

The program began at Area 51 in 1955, and so did the reports of unidentified flying objects being spotted in the vicinity. Many of these reports came from commercial aircraft pilots who had never seen an aircraft fly as high as the U-2. So they used to think of it as an alien spaceship.

The U-2 program was called off in the late 1950s, but other top-secret aircrafts were kept being tested there.

In 2017, an Air Force Lt. Col. was killed in a plane crash in the Nevada desert under mysterious circumstances. As the Pentagon would not ID the aircraft right away, it looked like he was flying some foreign jet.

The alien conspiracies gained strength in 1989 because of Bob Lazar’s interview on Las Vegas local news in which he told that he had seen aliens and had helped to reverse-engineer alien space crafts while working at the Area 51 base.

Aliens are now a big catch for tourism in Nevada. In 1996, the state of Nevada renamed Route 375 to the “Extraterrestrial Highway”.  There are also destinations like the Alien Research Center and the Little A’Le’Inn along the highway. Near Area 51, there is the Alien Cathouse which is known as the only alien-themed brothel in the world.

New construction and expansions are continuously taking place at Area 51. People can sometimes see strange lights in the sky moving up and down. Though it looks like UFO, it has been told that it is the semi-secret contract commuter airline using a call-sign called “Janet” that transports workers from Las Vegas’s Airport to the base.

But what if the government has been lying to us? What is it that they are trying to hide from us? Well, there is only one way to find out.

How to find out what is inside Area 51

Civilians can drive you up to the front and back gates of Area 51. Locals can direct you, and you can use maps for driving directions. Phone service and GPS might not be working there, so you must have printouts of actual maps.

As this place is in a desert, make sure to bring plenty of water and food with you. You also need to be prepared for the hot days and cold nights of the desert. You should carry some spare fuel and tires as well because you won’t find a lot of gas stations out there.

Now when you are at the gate of Area 51, just remember that the government doesn’t want you to be in there and they will keep you away from entering by all means. If you try to trespass the gates of Area 51, you will probably be arrested. So you better stay outside the gate, put your camp there, and start protesting. Claim that as a citizen of the U.S. you have a right to know what’s happening in there and demand the truth. 

The government might hear your demands and release the truth. If not, you at least get to meet and spend an amazing time camping with your fellow mystery lover buddies, a million of them. Well, that sure would be once in a lifetime experience.