How 3 Phase Motor Control Circuit Works

This is a 3 phase motor control circuit. u can easily understand the working of 3 phase circuit here.

Let’s first we look at the components of the 3 phase motor.

  • the first one is contractor switcher

  • the second one is the overload protective device.

  • third is really coil.

  • Fourth is the relay switch to operate the relay.

  • Now, this is the start button and stop button

3 Phase Motor

How To Start the 3 Phase Motor 

The starts button is a push button.We normally open and stop the position. it is also push-button normally button in a closed position. To run the motor. We need to close the compact switcher and the relay switch.

If the operator pushes the Start Button. Current start flowing through the system and energizing the really coil. Which turns a conductor switch close and the relay switch close. Since the relay switch close. Current start continues to run through the system. Continuously Energized closing these three switches and the motor to start continuously run.

 How To Stop 3 phase Motor

To stop the motor we need to open the contactors. which is in the relay switch. if the operator pressed the stop button. It can’t stop flowing through the system. which de-energized the really coil. As a result, compactor switches Open the relay. And there’s will be no current flowing into the motor and the motor stops working. So this is whole three phase control circuit works.