How to Repair PVC Pipe In Tight Spaces

how to repair pvc pipe in tight spaces

Repairing PVC pipes in a tight space is difficult but not impossible. I will tell you how to repair PVC pipe in tight space with a few easy steps. am using this method for many years and I’ve saved a lot of money using this method and I have made a lot of money repairing PVC pipes using this method. This method is especially useful if you do not want to dig up four or 5ft of the pipe, in order to be able to lift it up to insert a coupling to push it back down into the ground.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces

You may also have the problem that there’s a sidewalk nearby or a Foundation that the pipe goes under. so I will tell you the easiest way to repair that pipe without digging it all up.

Find Out LeakageIn A Pipe

This method is very useful for half and one-inch pipes. I dig and find out leakage in a pipe, then I put a cut right there on the pipe. sometimes when you hit with the shovel, it will break around straight down and only be about that wide. The crack as it waves around, Or sometimes the crack may become wider. If the crack is wider, You’re going to have to cut the pipe back a little further, maybe about five or six inches, because you’re going to have to take a coupling and you’re going to have to put a coupling in with another section of pipe before you repair where it broke.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces


So in order to repair this pipe without digging it completely up out of the ground, you’re going to need two couplings that match the size of the pipe. So if the brake is right over here where that black Mark is, cut a little further back. You can cut the PVC pipe using a hacksaw, or a PVC pipe cutter, or you can use something like this that uses friction to burn through the pipe. A little further back right where the end of this dark line is, and make a cut.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces


Repair The Pvc Pipe

Dig out a little bit more of the dirt and sand to be able to get the heck saw in there.

Once you, cut both sides. where it was cracked. Make sure they’re nice and clean. All right, take a little bit of sandpaper. Just clean off the bar on the end of the pipe. Clean off both birds. Push that back so you can see clearly a little bit of soil or sand out of the way.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces

The next thing is we will do coupling, glue it onto the pipe. Push it all the way down until it meets to stop. Take a new section of pipe that’s not damaged. You’re going to measure it so that when it goes into this pipe right here, it’s going to end up flush on this side or just a little bit of room for you to be able to put the pipe in and out.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces


Now before we glue this, it’s an excellent idea to use a slow-setting PVC cement for this job. Regular setting cement will work fine. Whatever we do, do not use fast-setting cement.

If you use a fast-setting, you may screw up the repair. So regular setting or slow setting PVC cement is the ideal cleaner. All right, do the same on the coupling. Take your PVC blue. And push it all the way onto the pipe. Flush and hold it until it sets About 15 seconds.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces

before you glue this section of pipe into that coupling,

PVC Pipe Coupling

What you’re going to have to do next is take the other coupling and you’re going to take a Dermal with a grinding stone.  If you don’t want to use a Dermal with grinding stones then use a half-round file inside the coupling. You want to make this a full slip.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces


The beauty of this repair is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on compression-type connectors or expandable connectors with O Rings. There’s no need for that. You could spend around $0.50 on two couplings or dollars depending on the size and have this repair taken care of. Now to install the pipe, it’s very easy.

How To Repair Pvc Pipe In Tight Spaces


You’re going to have to either pull up a little bit on this pipe or push it down to allow the pipe to slide into that fitting, And on the other side, we will use the coupling that we made after filing. now glue the other side of the pipe and slide the coupling to the new pipe first and then move back on the joint let it dry for 15 seconds.  now you can turn the valve on.

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